BizSecure was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to have complete autonomy over their own identity; that they should be able to seamlessly use that ID in both the physical and digital world. We believe that user privacy and security are yours by right. We believe that individuals should be in complete control of their own data, instead of it being owned or mined by mega-corporations and data-farms.

We believe that government services should be accessible to everyone with the click of a button. We believe in building trust and operability between users, organizations, and governments both online and in traditional spaces. We believe in a better tomorrow and we’re working hard to get us there.

Our Mission

The BizSecure vision is a world where digital barriers of trust and privacy no longer exist; instead, a user’s right to privacy, security, and autonomy are built consciously into our governments, corporations, and social systems.

Alfonso and Parker
Bizsecure with the Mexican Government

Our Values

Impact, Integrity, and Innovation. We strive to change the world by being on the cutting edge of technology and always doing what is right. We believe in the value of hard work & perseverance and believe that technology is a tool that we can use to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Executive Team

We’ve assembled the best innovators, thought leaders, and go-getters to lead our company into the future.

Alfonso Arana

Co-founder | Chairman

Parker Schultz

Co-founder | President

Ayline Ruelas

Co-founder | Compliance Director

Clement Danish

Chief Operating Officer

Alfonso Rodriguez


Ian Calderon


Andres Arana


Dr. Marc Concepcion

Director of Medicine

Our Advisors

Warren Lorenz


Mark Crawford


Aly Madhavji

Blockchain Founders Fund

Mansoor Madhavji

Blockchain Founders Fund

Dan Hom


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