The Self-Sovereign Solution

Credentials are already a part of our daily lives.


BizSecure is powered by Self-Sovereign Identity to enable security, privacy, and minimization of data usage.


BizSecure gives complete ownership and control to users over their identity.


BizSecure utilizes state of the art cryptographic techniques such as Zero-Knowledge Proof to ensure the privacy of users.


BizSecure enables you to eliminate intermediaries and data-brokers.



BizSecure enables you to have a standardized format across all of your issued credentials.


BizSecure is built with the highest level of security protocols from concept to final product.


The BizSecure platform is designed with interoperability that will work seamlessly with your products, services, and processes.


Whether you are a large organization or small one, BizSecure will scale to your specs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital wallet functions like a physical wallet except it is stored on your mobile phone. It gives you the opportunity to save all your credentials in one place and have access to them around the clock.
The blockchain is a type of software technology that is decentralized and allows for immutable storage of items such as credentials, cryptocurrency, messages, and media files. Our digital wallet enables users to store their verifiable credentials on the blockchain.
Registering with BizSecure allows one to store their credentials on a blockchain digital wallet. Ensuring the security and accessibility of your data on your terms. Following the onboarding process, one can upload and digitize their physical credentials, like an ID, to a digital version!
BizSecure does not store anyone’s credentials. Being decentralized, BizSecure does not have a database of anyone's credentials. In the app, users have the ability to back up their wallet locally to their computer or cloud services of their choice, and are given a passphrase to un-encrypt the file. When a user loses their phone, if they backup their wallet locally to their computer, they are given the option to restore from the wallet backup when using their new phone.
Credentials are stored locally on the end user's mobile device. BizSecure never stores anyone’s credentials, as we promote self-sovereign identity (SSI) privacy preserving techniques. This is an idea that no third party is holding/storing your data, the end user is in control and owns and stores their data. All credentials are stored locally on the end user's device, not in the cloud.
Do you know where you fit in the role-chart? That’s right, you are the “Holder” - meaning that once you get your credentials verified, you will have access to them around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all with the security of the blockchain! *

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