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BizSecure’s staff has over 40+ years of experience leading Cyber Security efforts in both private and public sectors. Additionally, BizSecure’s staff has extensive experience in Risk Management Framework, beginning from Step 1, where system information is gathered, to categorizing the system using the NIST 800-57 Security Controls, onto the last step, Step 6, with continued monitoring for compliance. The BizSecure team has recently undergone extensive training to be certified in CMMC, which ensures that the BizSecure network achieves a minimum of CMMC level 3, to access and store Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

BizSecure realizes the importance of being contractually compliant and meeting the security controls required to be (DRFARS 252.204-7012) NIST 800- 171 compliant, so that all government CUI is protected while in the care of BizSecure. During the creation of the BizSecure Digital Verifiable Credential ecosystem, BizSecure used Cyber Security industry best practices, as well as guidance from the Defense Information Security Agency (DISA), Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG), to ensure compliance for government use across all agencies.

Immutability using
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology allows for the sharing and verification of digital data by anyone, anywhere by using mathematics and cryptology. Blockchain using three cryptographic factors:


Each transaction in the blockchain is digitally signed by the originator.


Each transaction—singly or in blocks—is chained to the prior via a digital hash.


Validated transactions are replicated across all nodes using a consensus algorithm.

Why Blockchain?

Time savings

Transaction times for complex, multi-party interactions are slashed from days to seconds. Transaction settlement is faster because it doesn’t require verification by a central authority.

Tighter security

Blockchain’s security features protect against tampering, fraud, and cybercrime. If a network is permissioned, it enables the creation of a members-only network with proof that members are who they say they are, and that goods or assets traded are exactly as represented.

Enhanced privacy

Using IDs and permissions, users can specify which transaction details they want other participants to be permitted to view. Permissions can be expanded for special users such as auditors who may need access to more transaction detail.

Improved auditability

Having a shared ledger that serves as a single source of truth improves the ability to monitor and audit transactions.

Increased operational efficiency

Pure digitization of assets streamlines transfer of ownership. Transactions can be conducted at a speed more in line with the pace of doing business.

Government Partners


BizSecure’s joint offering with BLOCKS enables the use of public & private blockchain solutions using AWS Hyperledger Fabric while running BLOCKs on the Ethereum network and other EVM based blockchains.

BLOCKS Smart Contracts can be deployed on alternate compatible networks and 3rd party data can be placed on any blockchain that supports data insertion or OP_RETURN as used on UTXO blockchains (Bitcoin forks). As EVM compatible sidechains evolve, opportunities to deploy BLOCKS will expand, creating additional redundancies.


Novel Asset Tokenization

BLOCKS tokenizes assets in novel ways. The BLOCKS Contract Engine generates Reactive Smart Contracts (RaCs). These RaCs can optionally participate within the BLOCKS Network as Operators.

  • Record
  • Trade
  • Track
  • Transfer
  • Payments
  • Registries

Reactive Smart Contracts

BLOCKS Network uses a novel Reactive Smart Contract (RaCs) framework that improves upon existing solutions by facilitating transactional behaviors on behalf of BLOCKS users.

RaCs have the capacity to respond to “tokens received” and “tokens sent” events. These reactive hooks allow for automated behaviors between contracts and regular addresses, particularly when functioning as Operators within the BLOCKS Network.


Global Asset Validation and Transfer Module

BLOCKS Builders modules can help serve consumers, corporations and governments in the digital registry, verification, trade, transfer and settlement of new and existing asset grids.


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