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State-of-the-Art Temperature Kiosk 

Infrared Temperature Screening Technology

Reopen your business with confidence using the BizSecure Thermo-Recognition Smart Terminal a touch-free temperature screening kiosk designed to quickly and efficiently detect elevated body temperature, which may indicate a potential health risk.

BizSecure Thermo-Recognition Smart Terminal - with stand

Need Some Peace of Mind?

The BizSecure Thermo-Recognition Smart Terminal is an all-in-one access control device equipped with the latest technology. As a response to the current pandemic, you can use the Smart Terminal to ensure face masks are being utilized and body temperature readings remain under the recommended threshold.

The Smart Terminal also verifies any user’s verifiable credentials, RFID badge, access card, passport or ID, and is equipped with facial recognition and fingerprint authentication. The BizSecure Thermo-Recognition Smart Terminal provides access control by ensuring face masks are being utilized and body temperature readings remain under the recommended threshold.




Facial Recognition

Mask Detection

Infrared Temperature Reading

Mount to Wall


$30 per mo.


Email Notifications

Remote Access

Data & Reporting Tools


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Device Stand



Tabletop Size

Sturdy & Functional

Sits on Level Surface

Device Stand



Floor Stand

Sturdy & Functional

Sits on Level Surface

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Our Device

Provides peace of mind and is a visible reminder that all necessary precautions
are in place to protect both customer and employee health and safety.

99.8% Accuracy

99.8% Accuracy

Detection of Elevated Temp.
Overnight Shipping

Overnight Shipping

Free Shipping Included
Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Simple Out of the Box Setup

Temperature Kiosk 

Infrared Temperature Screening Technology

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Unlock Full-Access to Remote Monitoring, Real-Time Data Reporting & Active Alerts

The BizSecure Thermo-Recognition Smart Terminal access control system offers simple and effective temperature control without requiring additional employees, or putting reception staff at risk.

Designed to be easy to install and simple to operate, the non-contact thermometer system combines an advanced infrared thermal imaging camera with AI detection technology to measure skin temperature in less than one second, preventing congestion in busy entrance areas. 

  1. Instant email notifications if your device detects someone with an abnormal temperature. 
  2. Review and Analyze all temperature records recorded by the device.
  3. Remotely adjust device settings and view real-time data whenever the device is in use.
  4. Monitor employee attendance, revoke access permissions, and make quick adjustments for any shifts changes, holiday schedules, and more.  

Simple, Smart and Easy to Use

Reopen Your Business and Gain Some Peace of Mind



Easy and secure online order via PayPal.



Unbox your device and set up at key access point.



Configure your device to your specifications.



Welcome employees and customers back.



Review device data, adjust configurations if necessary.

Meet our Director of Medicine

We’ve Partnered with Leading Experts in the Medical Field.

Dr. Marc Concepcion Physician

Dr. Marc Concepcion is a board certified family medicine physician. A graduate of Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. He finished his family  medicine residency program  at  the  University of California, Davis Medical Center. Dr. Concepcion has been in  private practice for  24 years and is on  the  medical staff at  Sutter  General and Mercy General hospitals in  Sacramento, California. He is the medical  director for the  River Bend Medical Associates wellness  program caring for thousands of  patients in the Sacramento/ West  Sacramento  region. He also sits on  the  board for Sutter Independent Physicians ( SIP)  IPA as well as for Aledade ACO ,  Northern California. He served in the Army as  a combat medic transitioning to an Army Physician,  reaching  the rank of Captain. Dr. Concepcion enjoys time with his  family, traveling ,  biking  and  playing  with his  two  Shih Tzu’s.

BizSecure Temperature Kiosk 1

State-of-the-Art Temperature Kiosk 

Infrared Temperature Screening Technology

Discount pricing available

for non-profit organizations, schools, and essential workforces. Contact us for details – [email protected]