BizSecure + BLOCKS Building Together

BizSecure will represent BLOCKS as the Public Sector partner, meaning areas of government and large enterprise. Our specialized team is comprised of CMMC & RMF trained experts who also hold TS/SCI (Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information) clearances in addition to blockchain experts.

Our joint offering BizSecure IDS (Immutable Data Solutions) powered by BLOCKS enables the use of both public and private blockchain solutions. The BizSecure platform is based on Hyperledger and can use both the public networks as well as AWS manages blockchain AKA Hyperledger Fabric with the addition of BLOCKS deployed on the Ethereum network and other supported EVM based blockchains.  

BizSecure IDS powered by BLOCKS smart contracts can be deployed on alternate compatible networks. This ability to deploy the BLOCKS smart contract on alternate blockchains makes our joint offering an agnostic solution that issues both Verifiable Credentials and Smart Contracts. In addition to BLOCKS being a cross-chain deployed smart contract, 3rd party data can be placed on any blockchain that supports data insertion or OP_RETURN as used on UTXO blockchains (Bitcoin forks). As EVM compatible sidechains evolve, opportunities to deploy BLOCKS will expand, creating additional opportunities.

BizSecure IDS powered by BLOCKS is looking to become the 1st DAO to service the public sector and with a GovCloud approved K8s blockchain offering. Our current RFI efforts include the Air Force and DISA to who we will provide powerful decentralized, scalable, & Immutable Data Solutions.


BLOCKS is paving the way for DAOs as the first-ever legally registered Wyoming DAO, LLC. BLOCKS is committed to connecting industries and enterprise-grade technologies to blockchain, with an industry and blockchain agnostic approach. The BLOCKS Token is at the heart of the BLOCKS DAO and Builder Program, stewarding everything from on-chain governance to enterprise transactions in our BLOCKS Builders' partnerships. The foundation of BLOCKS is the goal to connect the world, regardless of industry application, through decentralization; at BLOCKS, Decentralization Connects Us All.

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