Board of Director Announcement


BizSecure is proud to announce former majority leader of the state of California, Ian Calderon as a board member to BizSecure Inc.!

About Ian Calderon

Ian is the former Majority Leader of the California State Assembly. He served eight years in the Assembly, from 2012 to 2020. He was the first millennial ever elected to the state legislature, the youngest Majority Leader in state history and the longest serving Majority Leader in the term-limited era.

Ian authored two blockchain bills during his last term in the Assembly, AB 2004 and AB 2150. AB 2004 sought to establish a framework for blockchain-based verifiable credentials to be used to verify COVID-19 test results, while AB 2150 would have provided regulatory clarity for cryptocurrencies that qualify as securities under state law. Ian also established the Blockchain Working Group with AB 2658, which delivered a formal report to the Legislature in 2020 that included policy recommendations on how the state should approach blockchain. He is a regular contributor to the blockchain community as a speaker at blockchain conferences and podcasts.

Throughout his elected tenure he served as Co-Chair of the Legislative Technology and Innovation Caucus, and sat on multiple committees including those on Privacy and consumer protection, Appropriations, Banking and Finance and Insurance, among others. Ian has consistently championed policies around emerging technologies and offers unparalleled insight into the Legislature’s mindset and approach in all policy areas.

His reputation as a responsible advocate for developing technologies has earned him a high degree of trust in the political community, most notably among his former colleagues, and he brings that same understanding and process to client projects.

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