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Symptom Assessments

Virtual Medical Consultations

COVID-19 Infection Testing

Verifiable Credentials

User Centric

Privacy Preserving

Encrypted and Decentralized

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Facial Recognition

Mask Detection

Infrared Temperature Reading


User Friendly

HIPAA Compliant

Realtime Data Updates

Verifiable Health Credentials

The BizSecure Digital Wallet provides real control of your identity
and a practical way to manage your COVID-19 medical test results.


Verifiable Test Results

Touch-free verification
using unique QR codes to scan credentials. 

Credentials can be customized to meet your specifications and needs. 

Privacy Matters

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not stored on the blockchain.

Data, statistics and analytics dashboards follow HIPAA guidelines.

User Friendly & Customizable

User-centric design gives control and autonomy to the user themselves.

Send push-notifications for required actions and reminders.

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Thermo-Recognition Smart Terminal

The BizSecure Facial Detection Smart Terminal provides access control
by ensuring face masks are being utilized and body temperature readings
remain under the recommended threshold.

Facial Recognition & Mask Detection

Detect whether a mask or face covering is being used by the subject.

Use Facial Recognition for secured users (even while wearing a face-mask). 

Accurate Infrared Temperature Reading

Scan body temperature with infrared heat detection camera.

Provide employees and patrons with peace of mind and security.


RFID, Fingerprint & Credential Scanning

Scan RFID enabled cards issued to authorized personnel.

Scan Verifiable Credentials QR codes for touch-free authentication.

Trusted Access Control

Prevent unauthorized access and limit risk exposure with access control.

Gather statistics and analyze user data for informed decision-making.

COVID-19 Symptom Health Assessment

BizSecure Solutions are powered by state of the art technology.
We’ve partnered with the best medical professional teams and testing labs
to bring practical solutions that solve the current pandemic crisis and keep people healthy
and safe as they return to work, school, and everyday activities.


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COVID-19 Symptom Health Assessments

Telehealth medical consultations available on-demand.

Affordably priced medical services for pandemic relief.

In app payment supports all major credit and debit cards for secure and easy payment.

Get Tested for COVID-19

Individual kits mailed directly to patient’s address or bulk distribution by your organization.

Self-collected saliva-based or finger-stick test are non-invasive and provide accurate reliable results.

Self-collection test kit  can be shipped back to our lab for immediate analysis.

24 Hour Test Result Turn-Around

Test results are provided within 24 hours of receipt.

Test results delivered electronically to patient via BizSecure Digital Wallet and issued as verifiable health credentials.

Privacy-preserving test results reported to administrator via digital web-portal.


360 Administrative Dashboard

The 360 Administrative Dashboard provides insight and control to you and your organization. With our dashboard you can monitor regular symptom tracking, view which individuals are symptomatic, and oversee staff who are unable to come to work. With our HIPAA compliant administrative portal you can se the status of individual employees, as well as analytics and reporting that provide you with real-time insights. You’ll be able to see how your organization is doing as a whole, or zero-in to see subsets of your organization by location or department, or any other specified metric.

Pandemic Response Toolkit

HIPAA Compliance

Data, statistics and analytics dashboards follow HIPAA standards.

Push Notifications

Send push-notifications for required actions i.e. testing or assessments.

Dashboard Overview

View statistics and analyze user analytics with our dashboard.

Automatic Testing

Privacy-preserving results reported via digital web-portal.

Customizable Solutions

BizSecure Solutions are powered by state of the art technology.
We provide a comprehensive technology suite that will meet your specific needs. 

Screen Employees for COVID-19 Symptoms

Regularly screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms
without sacrificing user’s privacy. 

Provide Accurate COVID-19 Testing

Provide your employees with COVID-19 test kits by mail. 

Quickly receive accurate test results via Verifiable Credentials.

Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment

Ensure face mask usage & scan body temperature.

Touch-less verification of test results.

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