Get Verifiable Results

BizSec-HPU Testkit Mockup


Get your COVID-19 Test Kit.
Order a COVID-19 test kit if you have not already done so.
Your test kit will be mailed to the address you provide. 
At Home Test


Provide Saliva Sample.
Follow directions printed on the instructions that arrived with your kit. You’ll be asked to provide a saliva sample, seal the test tube container, repackage the sample, and ship your test kit back to the laboratory for processing.
Connection Screen Mockup


Get connected.
Open your BizSecure Digital Wallet and connect with Hawaii Pacific University and Clinical Reference Laboratory on the Scan page seen here. You’ll receive your digital test results from the lab and you’ll be able to share those results with the university after your COVID-19 test kit has been processed all within your BizSecure Digital Wallet.